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Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a list of the volunteer opportunities that may be available at University Health Conway. We have flexible hours and days, and we are willing to take whatever time commitment you are willing to give.  The volunteer opportunities we have to choose from are:

The Front Desk, where volunteers use their sunny dispositions to meet and greet visitors and patients. These volunteers are responsible for helping people find the right area, whether for medical treatment or to visit sick loved ones. Duties would also include pushing wheelchairs to various areas of the hospital and just being helpful to anyone who has a question.

The Gift Shop, where volunteers use their arts and crafts skills, social skills, and money/cash register skills to operate one of the most successful Gift Shops in our area. All profits go back into the hospital, usually when the Gift Shop purchases medical equipment to help ensure our patients have the best medical care available. The Gift Shop is open Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and is closed during all federal and state holidays.

The Partners in Wellness Clinic, where volunteers meet patients and help them to fill out forms or to just feel comfortable while they wait for an exam. Some other duties include answering the phones and writing down appointment times. Partners in Wellness focuses on women's health issues, including mammograms and breast exams. (Due to privacy issues, we except only female volunteers in this area.)

The Family Medicine Clinic, where volunteers offer valuable services, such as calling patients to remind them of a doctor's appointment, meeting and greeting patients in the reception area, or pulling files of patients who are waiting to see a doctor. This facility is in a small, separate building right next to the hospital, and has a private, cozy atmosphere where much smaller numbers of patients visit when compared to the main hospital.

The Pastoral Care Department, where volunteers offer compassion or lend an ear to patients in the hospital who are without family or terminally ill. The director of Pastoral Care, Rev. Liza Patton, is ready to guide volunteers through the important process of offering spiritual guidance to those who ask for it. Our facility recognizes all faiths and denominations, and a wide variety of spiritual needs are waiting to be met.

As a thank you to our volunteers we offer a free lunch pass to any volunteer who spends at least four hours on that day in the hospital. We have a great cafeteria with a salad bar, a burger/grill section, and a meat/vegetables section that features great "home cooking."

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